Military Creates “Iron Man” Suit


The U.S Military has created an “Iron Man” suit. It is designed to be indestructible and provides full body ballistic protection. The exoskeleton suit is like being a robot when you put it on and even changes from liquid to solids in milliseconds. They say if you want to be a superhuman then that is the way to start.

The US Operations wants to make their soldiers invincible on the battlefield. The exoskeleton military can be used for operations in the US Navy Seals. Soldiers can be capable of running for more distance. The suit increases your stamina when wearing it. The suit makes the person wearing it stronger, faster, and almost invincible. The suit isn’t hard to carry on your back and is actually easier to hold the weapons. It can carry 200 pounds very easily. The exoskeleton suit can be used to help firefighters do dangerous jobs or help nurses carry heavy patients. It can be also used for surgeons when doing severe surgery.

The exoskeleton suit is much larger than the human body. Dr. Tom Sugar stated, “In the next five years we’re going to see more and more exoskeletons out there in practice.”