Happy Birthday NHL – 100 Years!


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November 26, 1917: six men sat in the Windsor Hotel in Montreal, Canada, and decided to split from their current league, the NHA, to create the NHL. 100 years later the league is still going strong. For its 100th anniversary, there are many amazing events and celebrations planned, as well as past players, such as Wayne Gretzky, coming back for the celebration.


This year-long celebration has many different events, competitions, and hockey games planned. The first, which has, sadly, already passed on January 1st was a game between the Toronto  Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings. The Centennial Classic was played outdoors. That became a problem when the sun was too bright and the NHL had to postpone the game because of the glare! An hour later the game went underway and the score ended up being four to five, with the Maple Leafs winning in overtime.


The second event has also passed and it happened on January 2, 2017. This was the 2017 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic in St. Louis with a game between the Blues and the Blackhawks. This game was not as close as the Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings. The final score was four to one with the Blues beating the Blackhawks.


The next event on the calendar is planned for January 27 to 29, the 2017 NHL All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. This will be a two day event where hockey fans can cast their votes for who should be an All-Star player. There will be a skills competition as well as an All-Star game. Finally, they will reveal a list of the top 100 players of all time.  


February 25, is the 2017 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series in Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh Penguins playing against the Philadelphia Flyers. On March 15 through 18, is the Stanley Cup 125th Anniversary Celebrations in Ottawa, Ontario. The next event is in June 2017, and it is the NHL Awards in Las Vegas.


Another event on the calendar is from June 23 to 24 is the 2017 NHL Draft in Chicago. This is where the players are drafted for their teams, and the order in which the owners pick the players is based on each team’s win-loss record from the previous season. Second to last in the list of celebrations and happenings is on November 26, the NHL 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the League in Montreal. This is the actual day of NHL’s 100th anniversary. This is the day that marks 100 years of hockey in a national league. Lastly, on December 19 the NHL 100th Anniversary of the First Games Played is afoot in Ottawa. These are all once-in-a-hundred-year celebrations.

Through the years, NHL has changed a great deal from five teams to what we know now as today’s National Hockey League. The NHL started off as five teams who had just split off from the NHA, which was largely failing and declining at this time. This was partially because of the fact that World War I was going on across the ocean. Teams were having problems because of the war and their salaries were cut. The board of the NHA kicked a man out of their meetings, and everyone but that man, named Eddie Livingstone, separated from the NHA to create the NHL. Ellen W., a student at Kraemer Middle School says, “It is amazing it has survived 100 years and hopefully for many more.” Since the NHA sought a better league and created the NHL, it has survived entertaining all with amazing games of professional hockey for 100 years. We hope it will be around for at least 100 more years.