The Best Places to Travel to in February


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What a beautiful February sunset!

In certain places in the world, there is that ideal vacation spot that stands out. Most of the time, these vacation spots thrive either in the months of April, June, September, October, and December. However, with the cheap travel costs in February, the prices  make a perfect opportunity to travel under a budget. Here are some vacation spots that flourish and are beautiful to visit in the month of February, the month of cherishing time with your loved ones.

1. Montreal, Canada

The city of Montreal provides a perfect winter experience, with its French-styled hotels and cuisine. Montreal provides an ideal atmosphere to snuggle up and relax with loved ones. In Montreal, there are many opportunities to visit the redesigned Museum of Fine Arts and enjoy the appeal of the budding neighborhood of Mile End. The Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1860 by a group of art collectors and was sponsers, it was originally called the Art Museum of Montreal. The museum has over 41,000 masterpieces that range from all time periods. There is usually more than one million visitors and more than 300,000 participants in their cultural activities. The town of Mile End is full of comfortable drinking and restaurant establishments. In the restaurant La Sala Rosa, they offer a variety of dishes such as tapas, paella, and the ever-changing menu of divine specials and desserts.  

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

In Hawaii, there is no such thing as a bad time to visit Honolulu. Also, Honolulu is one of the cheapest places to travel in February. Hotels are at their cheapest rates, with discount rates that may rise up to 40 percent off. Honolulu’s Chinatown has an improving cuisine selection with restaurants such as Livestock Tavern. Livestock Tavern is an American eatery that is a restaurant and bar located at the corner of Smith and Hotel Streets. The simple restaurant provides a variety of comforting dishes and includes a lavish beverage program. Livestock Tavern’s beverage program enhances its cuisine with beverages varying from luxurious wines to classy cocktails. Besides Chinatown, Kakaako accommodates taquerias, coffee shops, and the famous Night Market. This eccentric neighborhood has been described as Honolulu’s version of New York’s Williamsburg.

3. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is widely known to be a hotspot for excitement. With its Walt Disney World Resort and awesome theme parks like Universal Studios, all of these theme parks makes Orlando a famous place for tourists to crowd during the holidays. Visiting amusement parks during the holiday seasons can be stressful. Going to overly crowded places such as Disneyland and Universal Studios is a nightmare. However, during the month of February, the month between New Year’s and Spring Break, you can expect faster lines, affordable hotels, and more space to be able to breathe while venturing the park.

4. Singapore, Malaysia

This miniature nation of Singapore is nationally known for its international food with cuisines from a variety of countries. Samples range from US hamburgers to delicious Asian foods. Singapore has recently added a variety of new and trendy hotels. Some examples of these hotels are the Philippe Starck-designed South Beach, Patina Capitol Singapore, and The Club Hotel. The National Gallery Singapore accommodates countless amounts of masterpieces in this 700,000-square-foot museum. It is considered the world’s largest collection of Southeast Asian art. Definitely visit this gallery to be blown away by cultural masterpieces.

5. Tasmania, Australia

During February in Tasmania, it is summer in the southern hemisphere. Tasmania has been constantly ranked as part of the world’s top islands. The Australian island has been able to preserve its healthy environments and habitats. A perfect place to stay in this remote island is at Pumphouse Point. Pumphouse Point is constructed over a lake with a rain forest surrounding the lake, providing gorgeous scenery.

6. Oman, Arabian Peninsula

In the Middle East, February is the most convenient time to visit. Temperatures are at their best and provide the perfect desert landscape experience. One great way to spend time in Oman is to  venture throughout the Wadi Shab. The Wadi Shab is a canyon full of caves, waterfalls, and pools. Another pastime to do is to go swimming in the Bimmah Sinkhole, which is open to all tourists. Another tourist destination is the Nizwa and Bahla forts. The 17th century Nizwa fort is an immense attraction that is the most frequently visited monument in Oman. A little west from this immense structure lies the 13th century Heritage Site.

7. Denver, Colorado

Denver consists of about three million people and is spread along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. One thing to do is to stroll through Denver downtown. The downtown is a mix of a Wild West and an urban vibe. Shop at the 16th Street Mall and head lower downtown to enjoy the restaurants. Another place to visit it the Downtown Aquarium. The aquarium uses over one million gallons of water for their exhibits and consists of over 500 species of sea life. At the aquarium’s restaurant, it is surrounded by a 50,000 gallon exhibit of tropical fish from Hawaii, South Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean. Denver has recently added a new Art Hotel near the Denver Art Museum. This museum was a $5 million installation project that features works from sculptor Ned Kahn.

8. San Francisco, California

There is never a bad time to visit San Francisco, especially this year. With the Super Bowl 50 coming up, there is going to be a lot of traffic in San Francisco, so be sure to plan ahead and leave early. Nevertheless, there is much to do in this bustling city. As a tourist, tourists love to go on an exclusive cruise around the infamous Alcatraz island, walk or bike the Golden Gate Bridge, and enjoy the best chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf.

9. Norway, Sweden

February in the north is widely known to be brutally cold. But, some of these activities might make a tourist enjoy this cold climate. Just like in any place with lots of snow, skiing is always an option. Another way to relax is to go riding reindeer-drawn sleighs and enjoy the beautiful Northern Lights. These spectacles illuminates the night sky with colors of blue, green, violet, and pink.

With an abundance of exciting opportunities to experience, these places are magnificent places to visit. Ivette C., a student here at Kraemer, comments,“Wow, I wish I could go to all of those places!” Overall, these places are in the top places to travel to in the month of February.