Lunar New Year


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On January 28th, the Lunar New Year (or otherwise known as the Spring Festival) begins. This year has the symbols of the Chicken based off of the 12 Chinese zodiacs. The chicken is the tenth animal in the Zodiac and the next chicken zodiac year will be in 2029. Many people celebrate the Lunar New Year such as seventh grader Ethan C. He said,” It’s a family tradition to celebrate Chinese New Years and I always look forward to it. There is always a lot of food and games to celebrate the new years.”

People born during the year of the chicken are known to have characteristics such as being honest, energetic, and intelligent. Despite these amazing traits, the year of the chicken is considered to be an unlucky year. Of course, this is just a Chinese horoscope and is just a folklore, but many people are known to take these seriously based on how closely it relates to their life.  Some famous people that were born in the year of the chicken include; Benjamin Franklin, Dolly Parton, and Beyonce.

There are also Chinese New Year’s superstitions that some people believe in. One superstition is that if someone takes medicine on New Year’s Day, they will be sick for the rest of the year. Another one is that porridge should not be eaten for breakfast because poor people generally eat porridge, and it is not good to start off the year “poor”. Some of them are as absurd as in women aren’t allowed to leave the house because they will be plagued by bad luck for the rest of the year.

Outside of Asia, the biggest celebrations are held in London. People usually mark their calendars for London’s Chinatown where a parade usually takes place. Thousands of people come from around the world just to see the parade and its festivities. The opening ceremonies have acrobatics and traditional Chinese dance and music.

One of the most ancient traditions is to go to the Chinese Wishing Tree to put up your hopes and dreams. The tree is said to encourage your hopes to come true for the year. People could go to the wishing tree and also receive a paper slip written by a Chinese calligrapher along with a gold chocolate coin for good luck.

Chinese New Year is celebrated all around the world and it isn’t hard to participate. In fact, it isn’t too late to celebrate. It’s an easier way to try something new culturally. Science proves that trying things outside your comfort zone is always a good experience. Who knows it may turn out to be a more enjoyable experience!