Psychological Hacks You Can Use to Get Your Way!


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The human mind is shrouded in mystery. Scientists have been trying to figure out how our brains work for as long as we have been alive! Yet, it seems that we still haven’t completely figured it out, even with all of our glorious technology and advantages we have today. But even though we don’t know everything, we do still know lots of things about psychology. For example, we know all of these awesome psychological hacks that you can learn and use to manipulate others… or find out if someone is manipulating you.


  1. Your feet actually tell people everything.
    1. In social situations, it pays off to pay attention, especially to people’s feet. Steal some quick glances while looking at the person of interest to figure out what they are thinking right now. For instance, if you saw two of your friends talking, and you walked over to join in, you can tell whether they enjoy having you there or not just by looking at their feet; if their feet are turned open and outwards towards you, then that means that they do not mind having you here as an active part of their conversation. But if their feet are closed and do not point out to you, then they do not want to talk with you, and only want to talk amongst themselves for the time being.
  2. To get people to do stuff for you, first ask for a small favor.
    1. This is called the Benjamin Franklin effect, or the foot-in-the-door effect. Basically, it states that if you ask someone to do something small for you, like picking up a pencil on the floor, and then ask them for your true, more significant request, (like asking them to help you move over stuff from your house to another for the weekend), then they will be more willing to help you out with the actual request. This is because the small favor is trivial and paltry enough for them to do it without much trouble, but once you ask for the larger request, they are more willing to help because their brains will subconsciously think, “If I was okay with helping them out with the favor before, then I must like them enough to help them out with this favor!”
  1. Be Confident!
    1. Confidence is a powerful thing and is quite attractive, as well! Studies show that people are more likely to get farther in life with their confidence as opposed to their knowledge. This was tested when two candidates applying for a job walked in and met their respective interviewers. One had a PhD, two masters, and a Bachelor’s degree, but the other one only had a Bachelor’s degree. However, the one with the Bachelor’s degree had a confident air around him – strong voice and replies, an upright body posture, and an inviting smile, but the one with the PhD, the two masters, and the Bachelor’s degree was much more introverted with his hunched shoulders, timid voice, and downcast eyes. Who do you think got the job?
  2. This is how you tell if someone likes you (platonic or romantic, it can be used both ways)
    1. So you’re having a conversation with your friends, and you guys are all talking together and just having an awesome time. Then, one of them cracks a great joke! As you all laugh, this is a great opportunity for you to find out who likes who in your little friend group! If has been found that when laughing with a group of friends, people tend to look at who they like or trust the most first. Now the only hard part is to figure out if that affection is platonic (friendly/familial) or romantic!
  3. How to tell if someone is paying attention to you in a conversation
    1. We all tend to get lost in our own conversations with other people at times. Sometimes they drift off and stay to be polite, and sometimes they do genuinely care about what you talk about, as they are listening intently to your every word. To figure out if your friend is paying attention to you, try folding your arms. If the other person also mimics you and folds their arms, then congrats! They are still interested in your conversation. But if they don’t, sorry! They lost interest a long time ago.

So there you have it, 5 great psychological hacks you can use to get the advantage in common social situations! KMS Student Emily D. says that “These hacks are really cool. I might use them sometime soon!” But, you must make sure you use these wisely and discreetly. If you don’t, then people will be sure to catch on to your ulterior motives, and control their behaviors much more than usual. So be careful and keep on creepily observing people by using these great mind tips to help you get ahead!