Major Events in Sports of 2016



Every year has many exciting events that have everyone talking about it, but 2016 will definitely go down in sports history. From the Olympics to the World Series, there were many groundbreaking moments and amazing performances from athletes all around the world. Here are just a few of the thrilling and memorable events in sports this year.


The NBA Finals

The NBA finals are always an exciting time. This year was the big rematch between the Golden State Warriors and. the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Warriors, who had bested the Cavs 4-2 last year in the finals series,  started off strong winning the first two games, 104 to 89 and 110 to 77, leaving the Cavs to a rocky start. The Cavs took the third game, 120 to 90, but the Warriors won the fourth 108 to 97. The Warrior were up 3-1 coming into the fifth game and only needed one more win to take the title. In the end, the Cavs had a huge comeback winning all three of the remaining games and were crowned the 2016 NBA Champions for the first time, with Lebron winning MVP in the finals for the third time. Despite their strong start, the Warriors were remembered as the team who blew a 3-1 lead. Kraemer student Dylan M. states,” It was good to see the Cavs come back and beat the Warriors.”


2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

The Olympics are always a much-anticipated event for both competitors and fans all around the globe. This year’s games did not disappoint. In swimming, Michael Phelps won five gold medals, retiring with a grand total of 23 gold medals. Katie Ledecky also shined in all her events, winning four gold medals in this year’s games. Even though it was her first Olympics, Simone Biles was the one to watch, showing everyone she was a real contender by adding another four gold medals for team USA. Usain Bolt competing for Jamaica took the gold medal in the 100m for the third time in 9.8 seconds, with Justin Gatlin from team USA taking the silver.  Although Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross won the bronze this year, beach volleyball was still just as exciting as ever. Overall, this year’s Olympics in Rio was filled with many unforgettable, action-packed events.

World Series

The Chicago Cubs ended their 108-year drought by finally winning the World Series against the Cleveland Indians. The Indians were up 3-1 in the series. The series went to the seventh game, where the Chicago Cubs won 8-7 in the tenth inning. Only five other teams before the Cubs have come back from being down 3-1, so this was a historic year in baseball. Fans who have been following the Cubs for a long time finally got to see them take home the title after 108 years.


NFL- St. Louis Rams Move to LA

Los Angeles finally has a football after 20 long years. The St. Louis Rams have decided to come back to LA.  The Rams left for multiple reasons including the search for a better and higher quality stadium, and more enthusiastic fans. Los Angeles was perfect for them since they haven’t had a team to root for in years.
2016 was a very notable year in sports. Every event and competition were filled with excitement, and changes brought a whole new level of enthusiasm to the game. Many great athletes may have retired this year, but 2016 is definitely a year that will be remembered.