The New Pirates of the Caribbean

Logo of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie

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Logo of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie

After a long wait, it is finally time. The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is coming out on May 26, 2017. Fans are really excited for this movie to come out, since the last movie that came out was in 2011. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”, is getting a name change in some countries. In the US, it will keep its original name, however in places such as the UK, France, Spain, and Italy. In the UK, the movie will be known as, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge”. In France, Spain, and Italy, the movie will be known as “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar.”


This action-packed film also has a ton of adventure and comedy incorporated into it. This film has been in the making since 2011, and people can’t wait to get their hands on a ticket. And yes, Johnny Depp will be playing the all famous Captain Jack Sparrow, since there is probably no better person to have that role. In this movie, Jack Sparrow’s luck turns upside down when he goes head-to-head with an old enemy- Captain Salazar. Salazar and his men escape from the Devil’s Triangle, and their one goals is to kill every single pirate at sea. Jack only has one hope- to find the Trident of Poseidon. With this artifact, Jack Sparrow would have complete control over the entire sea.  


This movie will also mark the return to the original series, and may bring up the franchise. Looking at the movies, each becoming worse than the one before. The lowest rated one was “Stranger Tides”, which is the latest movie from the sequel. Since the first movie was such a success, this movie is aiming to be just as good as the first one, while continuing the storyline from the previous film.


The trailer of the new film has been published onto the internet recently. There are many familiar faces, however, there are many new characters as well. Check out the trailer by clicking here. When watching the trailer, you can see the famous Captain Salazar speaking to a new character- Henry. Nobody is exactly sure WHO Henry is, but one of the many theories is that he is the son of Will and Elizabeth, however no other theories have been brought up.


After a long wait, the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie has finally coming out, and fans cannot wait. Although producers say that it might be just as good as the first movie, people are still worried that is not the case. Lauren K., 8th grader at Kraemer Middle School says, “Wow! That sounds awesome. I can’t wait for May 26th!”