National Park Service Celebrates Their Centennial

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Find Your Park Sign

Every year, thousands upon thousands of tourists visit the fabulous parks and destinations in the United States hosted by the US National Park Service. Established in August 25, 1916 and funded by the US government, the US National Park Service serves to create a national park around any area of wildlife with historical significance or natural beauty to prevent development that may be harmful to our nature in the area. They do this so that future Americans can get a chance to see the wonders of America, just like their great ancestors did. Some of the most famous National Parks in the United States are Denali (previously known as Mt. Mckinley) National Park in Alaska, Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina, Yellowstone in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, and Yosemite in California.

On October 25, 2016, the National Park Service celebrated their centennial, or 100th anniversary. They decided to commemorate this special date by letting everybody in all of their national parks for free until October 27. This, as you may have expected, caused a peak amount of tourism and broke the record for the most amounts of tourists visiting the national park in 3 days. The US also declared the production of gold colored $5 coins, silver colored $1 coins, and silver colored $½ coins, each with a little image demonstrating symbols related to the US National Park Service. Along with this, the US National Park plans to host many special events, both inside and outside the national parks. For example, at the Rose Parade on January 2, the National Park Service emerged with their own float to bring upon awareness of who they are and what they do. Furthermore, the service hosted their own Picnic in the Park day, along with thousands of other activities which are specifically selected for individual parks. During the “Picnic in the Park day,” thousands of families went to their local national park to enjoy a nice, lovely picnic outdoors with the local scenery. Visitors are encouraged to walk on local trails, go wildlife viewing, or just enjoy time with their family.

Moving forward, the National Park Service wants a “Call to Action” to occur, which basically means that they want to create new parks and connect more people to parks in their community. They seek to improve the quality and cleanliness of their parks, and hope that everybody in America gets a chance to visit and explore their sites. Another action the organization wants to take is Find Your Park. Find Your Park is a project that the organization finds to be very successful. This project helps people around the community to tie themselves to their local park and experience all of the events.

Over the years, the park service has accomplished amazing achievements. They have, so far, been successful in their operation to have everybody in America to view its natural wonders. Their legacy will always live on with everybody that visits them. Kraemer student Josiah C. says, “I love visiting these parks. I think that what the organization is doing is amazing and that they continue to work to new heights.” Definitely visit any National Park on your next vacation!