Top Five Travel Destinations of 2016


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Night view in European City

Beaches, forests, wildlife, and many more geographical features make a place captivating to people, attracting many travelers. Traveling is a fun hobby to do with the whole family to explore the world. Vacationing provides a chance to take a break from all the problems and jobs in our daily life. These five destinations were the most visited in 2016 out of the rest of the world.



This dazzling city was home to the 2016 Summer Olympics and the Soccer World Cup, making it one of the main reasons that traveling to this destination was so popular this year. Brazil attracted over two million visitors in just one year! This city is a perfect spot for a vacation because Brazil has about ten different beaches, and  vast areas of jungle. The geography makes it easy to find something that everyone can enjoy. In Brazil, there is so much wild life  such as monkeys, wolves, snakes, and jaguars. All of these animals can be seen in zoos, or even out in their natural habitats.



Cuba is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. It is home to 11.2 million people and attracted about 4 million visitors in 2016! The island is home to many different attractions such as Varadero Beach, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos and The Morro Castle Fortress. This intriguing island is home to many animals such as crocodiles, snakes, snails, and even land crabs. Cuba offers different kinds of seafoods and exotic foods. Cuba can be reached by boat or plane. When you get to the island, you can walk, ride a bike, or use some type of local transportation. These are some of the many reasons Cuba is a top travel destination.


South Africa

South Africa is the ultimate place for outdoor adventure. This beautiful country is home to so much wildlife. The wildlife is one of the main reasons that people travel there. One of the main things to do in South Africa is a safari. A safari is when you go out and see animals in their natural habitats. Going on a safari is very different from the zoo. It allows you to see the animals’ natural behavior without being held under captivity. South Africa has a hot climate which is perfect for going to the beach. At the South African beaches, many tourists love to enjoy the cool feel of the water at Clifton beach. The food in South Africa consists of many different fruits and vegetables, depending on where you are. Many tourists love to stay on the coast and enjoy the beaches, or they also enjoy going more inland and enjoying the variety of animals on the savannah.



Attracting 50 million visitors a year and home to 65 thousand locals, this small island is a huge hit as a travel destination. With its beautiful beaches and lovely forests, Bermuda is a popular place for travel. Bermuda a smaller island, but don’t judge it for it’s size; this island is the perfect tropical world. This paradise is home to not only people but also animals. It has a wide variety of sea and land animals. This amazing place is the perfect travel destination.


New York City

New York, The Big Apple and NYC are all nicknames for the captivating city located in the United States. This city is home to 8.55 million people, and with a 60 million tourist count, this city is definitely the Big Apple of the east coast. New York City has so many amazing landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Regarding the food in New York City, you can find almost any food in New York, anything from hot dogs to sushi. They have many food trucks and street vendors as well. Everyone who visits New York City must explore the city, or hang out on the beach. New York has a delightful amount of stores and shops. It surely is a awesome place to travel.    

These five places were traveled to by millions of people in 2016. Cindy W. stated, “ It would be so much fun to got to any of these places! They are all so exciting, and exotic!”. All of these cities are beautiful places to go. 2016 held a lot of traveling, hopefully so will 2017.