Why Small Dogs are Better Than Big Dogs


A small dog.

Almost everyone loves dogs. They make a great house pet and there are over 100 different dog breeds to choose from! Personally, I think that smaller dog breeds, such as the chihuahua, are better than bigger dogs like a great dane, because smaller dogs are easier to care for.

For starters, smaller dogs make smaller messes so there is less to clean. They  are usually unable to reach things on tables and counters, so they won’t create a big mess and eat the food on the kitchen table. Another reason small dogs are better is that they stink less. Dogs of all kind will, at some point, smell horrible, and a dog panting in the summer heat is never a good thing. The smaller the dog, the smaller the stench. Plus, smaller dogs are easier to walk. When taking a small dog on a walk, they won’t push over other dogs, or even people like a larger dog would. Another great thing about owning a small dog breed is that they are easier to have control over. With a larger dog breed, it is harder to maintain control over them because they are so big. But if a small dog is misbehaving, then the owner can simply just pick it up and and they are in control. Lastly, it has been proven that small dogs often live longer. Larger dog breeds normally live up to 7-8 years, but small dogs can live twice that long! If you have a small dog and they are older, it is easier to care for them.

Another big reason why small dogs are better than larger ones is that they receive cheaper medications, dog food, and even clothing. For example, flea medicine for small dogs is much cheaper than it is for a big dog due to the dog’s size. It is also easier to save money when feeding a small dog because they are one fourth the size of a large dog and will eat less. Small dogs are also a lot more fun and easier to cuddle with. Large dogs often don’t realize their size and end up crushing whoever’s lap they are sitting on.

Dogs are a great addition to a household and with all the added benefits that being small offers, they will make the perfect pet! According to KMS seventh grader, Hailey C, “I agree that small dogs are better than big ones mainly because they shed less, they require less exercise, and they are just like little stuffed animals, so they are more fun to cuddle with!” A small dog will make the perfect life-long friend!