How Homework Benefits Students


Almost all students are assigned homework on a daily basis. However, not all of them enjoy or think much of their homework. On the topic of homework, many questions arise, such as why do some students have so much homework and whether students need to spend all their time studying. These many questions ultimately point to whether or not homework actually benefits students.Some students say it is a waste of time and that it causes stress, but it actually does aid in a student’s success for many reasons. Here are 4 reasons why homework is beneficial.

  1. Trains Responsibility and Time Management

Two life skills that many find important are responsibility and time management. Homework can train these skills. When students are given homework and a due date, they are supposed to make sure that they turn their assignments in at the given time. Remembering to do the homework and turning it in requires responsibility and shows children that even the things they hate and don’t want to do, needs to be done. Although homework may not seem like a big responsibility, it still allows students to take charge of what they are entrusted with so that they will be ready for bigger responsibilities. Additionally, most students participate in extracurricular activities, are required to do chores, or have other things that they must take the time to do after school. As a result, students are forced to use their time wisely in order to juggle homework and their other priorities. Clearly, time management is obtained when students are determined to finish their homework.

  1.  Problem Solving

Often times, students may not understand material taught in class or they can get confused on their homework. This is why homework leads to problem solving. Being able to solve problems is crucial once students start to work and carry on more responsibilities. For that reason, homework can cause students to take either a direct problem like a math question and solve it, or figure out how they can complete a project for the best result. Students learn to take a problem and think about what they can do to work it out. If that is not possible they can also problem solve by asking a teacher or tutor and gain help.

  1.  Perseverance

Homework is a commitment and sometimes it cannot be completed quickly. Consequently, it develops a student’s level of perseverance. Taking the time to do homework even when there seems like there is no end gives students the idea of never giving up and causes students to feel good about their hard work once they are done. Furthermore, it plays a big role in a person’s work ethic. If one is able to persevere, they are more likely to be able to be successful wherever they go. For example, a person who works hard to finish something has a better chance of being hired than someone who gives up easily. Once perseverance is gained, there is really nothing that is impossible.

  1.  Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone has heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect.” This phrase is indeed quite wise and supports reasons behind why homework is beneficial. A Duke University professor said that studies show how the student who finished homework did better on the unit test than one who didn’t. This makes perfect sense because homework gives students the chance to review class material so that anything not understood will become clear and they can fix that. Also, when students think more deeply and solve problems based on what they have learned, students would be able to remember the material better because they have practice.

In conclusion, homework, which is often portrayed as the student’s antagonist could actually beneficial for the reasons above. No matter how much homework may seem like a bore, it will help you in ways that are unimaginable. So the next time you sit down to do homework, have a positive outlook and think of how smart you are getting thanks to homework.