Obama’s Farewell


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Obama’s Giving His Farewell Adress


On January 10th President Barack Obama said his final goodbye speech in his home state, Chicago, in front of 7,000 people. The tickets for his speech sold out almost immediately almost comparing to Broadway’s Hamilton. Although not everyone was dissatisfied with President Obama’s leaving many people do not agree with the new position of President Elect Donald Trump.

President Obama also admits of his setbacks as a president but also the successes. He apologized for the political disputes that had happened when he had his position as president and hopes that America forgives for him. Some of these situations happened when he was first elected as the president-elect in 2008 such as the unemployment rates. Although there were mistakes in his decisions most of his choices actually proved to outweigh the wrongs, such as the time he ended the war in Iraq and brought back our soldiers by December 18, 2011.  

During his speech, President Obama insists that his work is not done yet even after the countless accomplishments he made for the country. But one of the major impacts during his speech was when he asked for equality in all races. Obama quoted, ”But laws alone won’t be enough. Hearts must change.” By this he was talking about racial equality in the U.S. He claims that even after all his changes to ensure racial equality, we as American citizens should try harder to work with and understand each other’s positions just like how our Founding Fathers wished for. Then he gives examples of how all races can help one another to create equality with one another. Whites could understand that racial discrimination didn’t completely disappear in the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. For natives, this could mean that America didn’t weaken due to them but actually strengthened the nation.  

Another emotional time during the topic was when President Obama talked about his family.  He explained to his wife how she was not only just his wife but his friend who accepted the role of which she didn’t ask. As for his children he quoted, ”Malia and Sasha. Under the strangest of circumstances your have become two amazing young women…you wore the burden of years of spotlight so easily. Of all I have done in my life, I am most proud to be your dad.”. This made an emotional mark on everyone watching and left the audience in tears. But another question was asked during his speech; where was Sasha, his youngest daughter? The president reports that she had to study for a test so she could not make it to the farewell speech. But the speech still made its mark in history.

Many people still disagree with the president’s departure from the office and some do agree with it. Seventh Grader Ethan L. said, ”I really liked President Obama, and with Donald Trump as our new president, I don’t really think he can be a better president than Obama.” But throughout the eight years of President Obama’s presidency, there were many ups and downs that America will never forget.