Top Ten Most Bizarre Forgotten Sports

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There are many sports that are well known such as soccer or tennis. However there are many forgotten sports that have been once included within the Olympics, or were just the normal everyday sport that you would play.

  1. Barking Off Squirrels: Popular in the 18t and 19th century in America. Barking off Squirrels is another term for squirrel hunting.The objective of this sport was to shoot the bark below the squirrels when they were climbing up trees. The force applied from the bullet hitting directly below the squirrel would be enough to kill the squirrel.
  2. Quintain: In medieval lores, jousting played a very important role.That is where the sport Quintain comes to play. Instead of practicing with another player, a knight in training would practice against a stationary target, which usually consists of a shield stuck onto a pole, and a counterweight at the other end, which is the quintain.  When a knight hits the shield with his maximum force, the Quintain would spin. The amount of spins the quintain makes, the more advanced the knight is.
  3. Skijoring: Skijoring is a sport played in the winter months, invented in Norwegian. Skijoring used to consist of a horse pulling a skier through the snow, however that idea has completely disappeared. Skiers who live next to snowy hills now use sled dogs instead of horses. Even then, this sport using horses is hardly ever practiced or played occasionally.
  4. Slamball: Slamball is the combination of basketball, gymnastics, and hockey, that was also made to also stimulate a sports video game. Trampolines were positioned at each end, near the hoops, or “goals”. The object of the game is to throw, or dunk the ball into the hoops by jumping on top of the trampolines.  Players who are going to score, jumps onto the trampolines and tries to throw the ball in, while the opposing team tries to stop the ball like a modern football game.
  5. Equestrian High Jump: This sport, featured in the 1900 Olympics, is a mix of horse racing and long jumping. Equestrian High Jump died down because it wasn’t enough to impress the audience. Even though horses naturally have good athletic skills, the human long jump record was about 8 meters, two meters taller than any horse record.
  6. Pitz: Sometimes called the MesoAmerican sport, Pitz is a very old sport only played by the Mayans. Pitz is a game where a nine pound ball is constantly bounced off the four walls surrounding the game, the players using anything but their hands to bounce the ball. The main challenge of this game was that you had to hit the ball airborne, meaning that the ball couldn’t touch the floor at all. The main goal of the game was to throw the ball into a hoop on the wall.
  7. Distance Plunging: Distance Plunging is a sport that literally sounds like its name. The object of this sport is to see who can dive into a pool the farthest, and stay in the water, stationary, for the longest. This sport is no longer played because the chances of someone drowning was really high because they had to stay underwater for at least one minute after they plunge into the water.
  8. Ski Ballet: Ski Ballet is similar to a freestyle dance. Even though its name is Ski Ballet, the skiers look more like ice skaters spinning and jumping with skis rather than being graceful like a ballerina. Ski Ballet was included within the 1988 and 1992 Winter Olympics.
  9. Episkyros: Episkyros was a game played by the Greeks in 2000 BC. Two teams would stand on either side of the line. One team would throw the ball to the opposing team. While the other team tried to recover, the starting team would try to advance to the other side of the drawn line. However, that team would get pushed back when the second team threw the ball back.
  10. Naumachia: This ancient sport involved filling up the coliseum with water. Warships would then be placed inside the coliseum full of water to float. The goal of the game was to let sailors fight each other inside the coliseum on the floating boat. The first official game was in 45 BC, order initiated by Julius Caesar.

Maria B., a seventh grader here at Kraemer Middle School said, “I never knew that there were so many bizarre sports that were once invented, and completely forgotten!”.