What I Think of Pokemon Sun and Moon


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Pokemon Sun & Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the latest releases of the Pokemon video game series.  Game Freak has added a ton of new features.  Because of this, the game has gained a lot of popularity and great ratings.  However, there are some people who disagree with the features of the game, and say the game needs more improvements.  I think that the game is a good game with an interesting storyline.

Both Pokemon Sun and Moon were both released on November 18, 2016, introducing the 7th generation of Pokemon.  These games were released to celebrate over 20 years of Pokemon.  This was Nintendo’s biggest release so far, as they have included a lot of new features in the game, while also maintaining the structure of their previous games.  Trailers were released on Youtube to introduce the people to most of what they were working on. The website also had more information on the game and the option to pre-order the game.  Players were introduced to a new region called Alola, with new characters, recognizable faces, new Pokemon, and brand new features.  One of the game’s newest features is Ride Pokemon.  With this feature, players will get different Ride Pages along their journey.  The pages that the player receives can give them Pokemon that can do certain things like Tauros, a bull, being able to smash through rocks, and Stoutland, a big dog, who can sniff the ground for hidden items.  

Another new feature is Z-Moves.  This is an option in which players can collect different Z-Crystals around the region, give them to certain Pokemon, and have them unleash a incredibly powerful move. Team Skull is the game’s new evil team, and their intent is to capture Pokemon and sell them for money.  A new foundation called Aether Paradise helps protect Pokemon, and give them a nice sanctuary to live in.  By far, one of the most interesting things about the game are Alolan Pokemon.  This is a feature in which Pokemon from the first games had brand new forms for adapting in the Alola region.  These Pokemon also gained brand new typings, as well as new abilities.  The one most talked about is Alolan Exeggutor, which takes the form of a palm tree with multiple heads.  This game has gotten a lot of fame from fans because the story feels good to them.

I, too, play this game and I find it to be quite a good game. The characters and storyline are a nice touch to it. The boss battles feel difficult to me for the first time, and all the characters play a key role in the game.  It feels like without them, the story would never be perfect.  All the Pokemon and the adventure come together to form something that Pokemon fans all wanted.  Camille C. says, ¨It’s very fun and interesting to play.¨  With all these features and brand new Pokemon and characters, this is definitely a 20 year celebration done right.