Breaking News: A Real Jetpack is Made

Almost everyone’s picture of the future looks like a scene with hover cars and people flying around wearing jetpacks. Everyone still thinks that the jetpack is something of only of the future, but this isn’t so. The creation of the jetpack was by David Mayman and Nelson Tyler. They both had the interest to make the idea happen and one day, they got together and started the revolutionary invention of a real jetpack. They then founded the company Jetpack Aviation who’s idea of making a jetpack took off.

     The idea does seem to be in the space age, but it is real. A jetpack a little larger than a backpack and it really flies. The company’s jetpack is working towards going out in the public. An initial question is most likely, “How much will it be?” The creators said that it took millions to develop the prototype but they are aiming to bring the price down to around $10,000, which wouldn’t be too expensive for the buyer. As a reference, the average small sports airplane costs around $50,000. Also, Jetpack Aviation is working on the production model’s additional systems like a parachute system. Jetpack. Aviation’s jetpack would be a cheaper option to personal flight and an amazing creation that would wow the public in amazing ways.

Other than the jetpack being a “personal aircraft”, it is something that has been the dream of the average human for over 100 years; a working personal medium sized, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. Timothy E., a student at Kraemer Middle School, says, “If people can do this now, just think about what we’ll be able to do in the future!”It is the kind of device that the pilot can just strap on and-and take off to wherever he/she wants to go. The jetpack very well could be one of our first steps into the realm of personal, speedy aircraft. To fly Jetpack Aviation’s amazing contraption, there are four different controls. One, there is a vertical handle that the wearer can twist the throttle for the two jet turbines in the jetpack. The second controller is another handle that the owner can twist and this one makes the jetpack twist vertically, not turn. To turn, the user simply shifts his or her body’s weight. Lastly, to control the jetpack’s speed, the pilot moves the two handles up and down to tilt the turbines to speed ahead and off to tomorrow.

After years of waiting, everyone’s dream come true has happened and personal jetpacks that are not quite so cumbersome are reaching out to the public. This futuristic fact is jetting us into the future and marks a revolution of human advancement.