Sports You Have (probably) Never Heard of

Sports You Have (probably) Never Heard of

You have probably heard of sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and football, but have you ever heard of chess boxing? Probably not. These sports may be a very interesting thing to learn about. They may seem absurd and crazy at first, but there is an element of fun to all of them.

Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing is exactly what it sounds like. The game is played doing rounds of chess and rounds of boxing. There is a saying that is very common, “Brains vs. Brawns”. This sport uses both brains and brawns. You have to be smart enough to play chess and strong enough to box. This sport is common in Amsterdam, there they had the first chess boxing tournament.

Wife Carrying

In this game a male contestant carries their wife through a series of obstacles. The prize for winning this competition is your wife’s weight in beer and your, 5 times her weight in cash, and a chance to got to the North American Wife Carrying championships. You have to be strong, fast, and not afraid to get dirty. This sport is common in Finland. It is also found in North America.

Underwater Hockey

Field Hockey and Ice Hockey are common, but do you know anyone who plays Underwater Hockey? If you like hockey and the water, this sport is perfect for you. This is normal Hockey, except the fact that it is played underwater. The players don’t have masks or gear and they just go up to the surface when they need air. It uses a perfect combination of grace and speed to play this game.

Mountain Unicycling

Many people love to road bike, and many more like the thrill of mountain biking. But, have you ever met anyone who mountain unicycling? This sport if the exact same as mountain biking, except for the reason that you only have one wheel instead of two. Balance ,the thrill of speed, and biking make up this sport.

Tazer Ball

This sport is extremely dangerous and is played with real life tasers. It is a combo of soccer and tasering people. In addition to the tasers is the fact that you are allowed to tackle people. This sport is dangerous and it can be life threatening. Most people would recommend not to play this sport.

Cliff Tenting

To some people it might not seem like a sport, you are just camping on the side of a cliff. But, you have to climb a ridiculous height to get to your “campsite”. This is the sport of danger and nothing but danger. You would not want to be afraid of heights.Anthony A. stated, “ I am super afraid of heights and I could never, ever, do that.” People with a sense of adventure would love this sport.

These sports are crazy and you’ve probably never heard of them. They all seem fun and would be awesome to try so, if you get the chance, take it! They are fun to learn about and are even more fun to think about.