This man’s father injected HIV into as a baby

This man's father injected HIV into as a baby

Babies are often overprotected and doted on very much. Usually, the parents of the baby take special precautions to make sure that nothing bad could ever happen to the baby – but the key word is “usually”. An example of a cruel parent with nothing but bad intentions towards their child is the story of Brian Jr.

Brian Jr. was only 11 months old when his dad, Brian Stewart, sent his estranged wife out of their room for a coffee. But he wasn’t planning on some quality bonding time with his son after his wife left. Oh no, he did something much worse. He took a vial of a stranger’s blood that was tainted with the HIV virus and pumped it into his son’s bloodstream.

Now, it would’ve been devastating for the baby even if the stranger’s blood wasn’t laced with HIV. Pumping a stranger’s blood into another person’s bloodstream, regardless of whether the stranger has any life-threatening diseases, such as HIV, is very dangerous. This is because the stranger’s blood type is most likely different from the recipient’s – and if they have a different blood type, their blood has different qualities (such as different antibody types, different antigen types, and different cells). If their blood has different qualities, the recipient’s blood and the stranger’s blood cannot mix, and the recipient’s body will start to reject the stranger’s blood and launch an attack on the different blood within your body. This proves to be very dangerous, as a shock, kidney failure, and even death are likely to happen. But this stranger’s blood was laced with HIV, making it extremely potent and lethal, especially since the recipient is an 11-month-old baby.

The mother of Brian then entered the room again to return to her husband, holding their baby. Who was, by the way, screaming in utter pain from the injection of stranger’s blood with HIV. Why did this callous father try to kill his son off in the first place? In fact, Brian Jr. told the BBC in October 2016, “When I was first born, my father was really excited.”

It’s because you haven’t heard the rest of the quote: “But everything changed when he went away for Operation Desert Storm. He came back from Saudi Arabia with a completely different attitude towards me.”

Brian Jr. reports that his parents first met when they were both training to be medics in Missouri. After they started living together, his mother discovered she was pregnant with him in the summer of 1991. But after he returned from Saudi Arabia, Stewart was delusional and convinced that the baby she was having was not his. He started demanding paternity tests, but they didn’t satisfy him, and only left the couple bitter towards each other (eventually leading to the couple’s estranged relationship). They continued to fight, and Stewart refused to pay for child support for “the son he did not want”.

Hence, Stewart set his monstrous plan into motion. He thought that the stranger’s HIV-tainted blood would kill off his unwanted son. He thought that he wouldn’t have to deal with him, but miraculously, his son survived, becoming the handsome 25 years old he is today. He had somehow managed to beat the three deadly viruses he had obtained from that life-changing injection, one virus being AIDS.

Brian Jr. has since changed his name to Bryan Jackson to cut off all ties to his horrible dad. Who is, by the way, currently serving a life sentence in prison for his unbelievable crime. Unfortunately, due to the diseases he contracted from the injection, he has to suffer through 70 percent hearing loss, and as a result, a mild speech impairment.

“I think this is really sad,” says KMS student Emily D. “But the good thing is that he got to recover.”