Why Sleep is So Important


Sleep is much more important than most people think. Not only does it provide someone with the necessary energy to keep them active throughout the day, but improves overall health and wellbeing. When sleeping, the body is repairing cells and preparing the heart for the next day. People who have not had enough sleep tend to spend the day lazily sitting around and moping, forgetting what their plans were that day.  

Sleep plays a big part in a person’s growth. Since growth hormones only develop when someone is asleep, sleep is essential and still the best way to grow taller. It’s especially important for children and teens whose growth plates are not yet fused to sleep because there is still an opportunity for them to grow some more. Sleep also acts as motivation to exercise more and provides the energy to get through workouts. It also provides an instant health boost, and prevents interferences that can slow someone down during your normal daytime activities. Sleep does much more than just keeping someone awake, so a lack of sleep can cause much more problems than people expect.

Getting enough sleep every night is much more serious than it seems. Not only does the lack of sleep make someone drowsy, but it can also lead to colds, diabetes, obesity, or cardiovascular disease. There have been many studies that prove that people deprived of sleep are more vulnerable to these conditions. Sleep may cause obesity because when a person does not get enough sleep, the body signals that it needs more food instead of signaling that it is full. This is because your body produces more ghrelin, hormones sending the message that the person is still hungry, than leptin, which indicates that someone is full . Your metabolism also decreases the speed of its process to save energy which causes the body to seem to need more food. Excess fat can also build up if someone doesn’t get enough sleep. The longer someone is awake, they tend to snack more on junk food which causes their level of hunger to increase. Another study also showed that people who got little sleep at night were more susceptible to type 2 diabetes. Sleep is a simple way to become less vulnerable to these conditions.

Sleep is vital to live a healthy life. Sleep keeps people active and alert throughout the day. Kraemer student Kaitlyn L. says, “Sleeping is a main reason I am able to stay active throughout the day. Without it, I would be so tired all the time.” Sleep is important to living a happy and healthy life.