Five Apps to Use When on Vacation


Need help with finding the best foods to try or the most ideal place to stay at while you are on vacation? There are so many applications that can help you plan out the perfect vacation for both you and your family! When traveling around the world, it’s very important to plan ahead, so these crucial applications would be great for when you are traveling. Some of these applications include Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Translate, and so much more! Be sure to download all of these applications before going on your next trip.

  1. Yelp: Finding delicious food in an unfamiliar place can always be difficult, so this restaurant searcher application can help many people complete their trip with yummy food and to fill a hungry stomach. Yelp is ideal for searching for a meal or even snacks to eat since this application enables GPS, a way to determine your location. Then, Yelp can use your location to find the best places to dine at, based on distance or ratings. The results that appear are up to you because when you are using the application, you can filter the results that show up, with filters such as: price, most highly rated, most reviews, distance, order delivery, and category (type of food). All of these filters can help you find the most ideal meal that suits you the most! On Yelp, you can read reviews that are written by customers who can provide tips and suggestions for when you go to that restaurant. The customers who have been to that place can help you decide whether or not the restaurant is worth the visit since customers can provide pictures of the restaurant, dishes, and the overall atmosphere of the dinery.
  2. TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor is the perfect application for finding the most highly rated hotel for an affordable price. This application can help with searching for nearby hotels and points of interest. With millions of options, there is an endless stream of things to do, places to see, restaurants to eat at, available flights, and vacation rentals. TripAdvisor is ideal for travelers who are making last minute vacation plans. When using the application, TripAdvisor has some helpful features, like number of people in your party, date of arrival, and the destination city or general location. Just like Yelp, TripAdvisor offers a variety of reviews for all of the various locations that are on the application. People can provide their experience and give helpful tips and suggestions. On the stream of results, each of the places offer a list of reviews and an average rating of the place.
  3. Google Translate: Believe it or not, Google Translate is a must-have for when you are traveling. Google Translate is mostly for foreigners to use because it can help you communicate with the people in that country in the same language. Translating from one language to another is so easy because there are so many ways to translate the words. The three ways to translate are by drawing (only if the language has characters), simply just typing what to be translated, and the most easy one: the microphone. The microphone is the easiest because the person who is speaking to you can speak as normal to the microphone. On the screen, results will immediately show up. Also, if pronunciation is difficult, there is a speaking option where the device can speak whatever is being translated in the language that is chosen. Kraemer Middle School student Leila S. says, “Google Translate is a fantastic application for when you travel since you can translate from hundreds of languages! It’s so easy to use and you can translate what people are saying so easily.”
  4. Hotel Tonight: Similar to TripAdvisor, Hotel Tonight offers various hotel options to stay at. Hotel Tonight is great for if you need a quick last minute hotel to rest at for just a quick night. It is perfect for single travelers who need a place to stay and the hotels listed on Hotel Tonight can quickly meet your accommodations. Bookings for hotels can be made the day of, a week in advance, or even for the next day. Hotels load their unoccupied rooms onto the application and then people who are in search of a last minute hotel can quickly book a room.
  5. Bitehunter: On a tight budget for food when on vacation? Bitehunter is perfect for people who have a dining budget and do not want to spend tons on just one meal. This application has thousands of options to look at and gathers information from various restaurants to display the best options that suit the guest the most. Through Bitehunter, reservations can be made and occasionally, offers can be purchased ahead of time.

All of these powerful applications are so helpful for many people when they travel. These applications can all be helpful for enjoying the most relaxing or exciting vacations. From finding delicious food to a place to stay at for the night, each of the applications are easy to use and so powerful. Download them today!