Uber Flying Cars


Uber isn’t just a company for people to earn money from driving anymore. The company has even bigger plans now. They are looking to bring the world of driving to the sky by allowing cars to fly in the air as opposed to driving on the ground.  Uber originated as a small company which allows people to drive to earn money. This is similar to the job of a taxi driver, but the drivers are allowed to use their own vehicle. All they need is a sticker placed in the front of their windshield.  Signing up for Uber is free, and the only requirement is that the driver gives 20% of their earnings to Uber. This dream of flying cars has been around since the day that flying vehicles were invented. Uber has promised that this new technology would arrive in a matter of only one decade.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to this bold plan. However, if Uber can take this other approach to driving, they can evolve and transform the old method of transportation forever.

There are many benefits to this new change in travel. If Uber can fabricate a high amount of flying cars, they can decrease the amount of traffic substantially. This new creation will also greatly improve the comfort of many drivers and passengers. The advancement in technology will turn a rough ride into a smooth ride. This is because a regular car has wheels that roll on uneven grounds, making the ride bumpy and uncomfortable. Because of this new advancement, the car will not be required to touch the ground, making the ride smoother and more enjoyable.

This idea may seem like it is perfect at first, but if people take a closer look, the flaws in this plan are revealed. Flying cars will lower the maneuverability of the car, due to weather conditions, causing more traffic accidents and raising the amount of innocent people that die from car accidents. Even the hard work and energy put into making and maintaining roads would be put to waste because flying cars do not require a paved road. These new inventions are going to be a problem for all middle and lower class people because new ideas or inventions are expensive. This will make the sensation of hovering almost impossible to experience first hand by most Americans.  Another is that these cars are not actually flying, they are just hovering over the ground.  This makes the idea sound less exciting because people were expecting airplane-like cars flying, not hovering.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to this new plan, but there is not a doubt about it that this will change people’s opinion about driving.  If this invention can be taken to the skies, the world of transportation will be changed forever.