Racism: How it’s Real Today

All the (Lego) people of the world.

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All the (Lego) people of the world.

Many people today think that racism has stopped, but they are indeed wrong. Although the severity of racism has gone down, many people today still endure racism through stereotypical comments and physical actions.

In modern day society, many people tend to judge others based on their skin tone and physical features. People are made fun of because their skin is too dark or too light, or because their eyes are too small or too wide. These racist comments are actually so common today that many people don’t see them as problems and instead take them as jokes. People can end up feeling neglected and depressed in the result of this. In fact, these types of remarks are said so often that the people who say them are eventually considered bullies. Of course, this is not the only reason that they are viewed as bullies, but it is also because of physical intimidation. Since many people typically view themselves better than those who have a different skin tone, they will use physical persecution.

In the United States today, mainly black people are persecuted today. Along with blacks with being persecuted, Arabs and Hispanics are known to be affected as well. In fact, according to charts, news articles, and stories, it is more likely than a black man would be shot by a police officer than a white man. What is even sadder is that both black and Hispanic women are treated even more horribly. They are often beaten and underrepresented. Many black, Hispanic, and Arabic people often became extremely worried about whether their family or themselves will potentially be the next victims of these cruel actions.

Adding to the fact that many people are persecuted because of their different skin tone, there are also many hate groups in America. In fact, there is an active hate group in every single state.

In America today it is truly sad to think about how many people a year are persecuted for their skin color. Kraemer student, Natalie S. says, “I think racism should stop.” Many people try to stop these dreadful actions but often fail. It is even scarier to think about the upcoming presidential election coming up and what our new president will do about these problems. Will they help these people, or will they allow them to be mistreated even more? Hopefully, someday in the future, man will come to see that we are equal.