My Predictions of the EPL 2016-2017




The English Premier League of 2016-2017 has recently started, with many different predictions and thoughts on what will happen this year. The English Premier League is the top division soccer league in England. This year’s predictions are very different from last year’s due to Leicester City, the underdogs, finishing on top, as well as Chelsea’s bad form, and more. Those who relatively follow the EPL know that last season could either be a big game changer for future seasons, or could just be a lucky or unlucky season. The predictions for 2016-2017 have a lot of variety, with underdogs starting to rise up the tables, and bigger clubs dropping due to bad form or transfers. In this article, I, being a big EPL and Manchester United fan, will be talking about my predictions for the EPL 2016-2017.


Please note that one, these are my opinions and you do not need to agree with them, and two, if you do not know too much about the soccer scene or just the game in general, I wouldn’t advise this article for you.


First off, we will start at the bottom of the league- the regulations of the season. My prediction for the 20th position is Sunderland, due to their bad form and, although big, non-impacting transfer list. This shows in the league at the moment, where they are on the bottom with two ties and five losses. Next, I think Middlesbrough will take the 19th position. They are new, like Leicester was last year where they played exceptional, but I feel that was a one time thing and the Middlesbrough squad isn’t quite ready. My 18th position is a little bit of a shock, but I believe Swansea will be there. West Ham was another choice, but my signings made me choose otherwise. Meanwhile, Swansea is in bad form and I feel like they will stay in that bad form until the end of the season.


The middle of the table is the biggest part, so there will not be space for reasons as to why I chose these spots. My predictions for mid table positions from 17th to 6th are:

17 – Burnley

16 – Hull City

15 – Bournemouth

14 – Watford

13 – Stoke City

12 – West Ham

11 – Southampton

10 – West Brom

9  – Crystal Palace

8  – Leicester City

7  – Everton

6  – Arsenal


And FINALLY… you have reached my predictions for the top 5 of the league. My prediction for number 5 is Manchester United. Although I’m a big MU fan, I was really debating whether they should be in top 5 or not. I believe they will BARELY make it. At number 4, I believe Tottenham will be there. It’s a decent position, but I feel they won’t be quite able to hit that Champions League spot. At number 3, I’d put Arsenal there. They have good form so far, and I believe they can keep that up to stay in the prized top 3. My position 2 is Chelsea and position 1 is Manchester City, although I can easily switch them both. My explanation for these positions are simple- they are back to their dominant form and I feel they will end strong.