Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Evola


Mr. Evola is currently a science teacher at Kraemer Middle School.  Mr. Evola has been a teacher for 9 years.  He taught the subject, science, at Kraemer for 5 years, but before he taught at Kraemer, he taught at Environmental Charter School for 4 years. Also, before he formed his career around educating children on and off of the school campus, he graduated from Cal State Fullerton and got a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master in biology, and a teaching credential in biology so he could begin his teaching career.  For Mr. Evola’s birthday, many of his former students and fellow teachers got a labcoat and they all signed their names on the lab coat along with an addition of creative decorations. This shows how much people love him. Mr. Evola affects students in a very positive way.  He helps students learn and exceed expectations, and provides a fun learning atmosphere while including a lot of fun into experiments and activities.  

Mr. Evola not only is a teacher, but he also coaches Science Olympiad.  Science Olympiad is a team effort based competition that involves groups of kids that compete against kids from other schools. He coaches these specific events: Road scholar and Experimental design.  Mr. Evola plans these competitions to test their skills and advance higher until they reach Varsity with the best of the best.

Mr. Evola spends a lot of time with his students and tries to make them reach their potential.  He will even spend the time to stay in for lunch to let someone interview him for a newspaper article or help them if they are struggling in science.  Furthermore, he stays at his science room at room 504 everyday to help anyone that comes in at lunch whether it is for science tutoring or Science Olympiad. He will even be willing to just have a friendly conversation.  Not only is he a nice and productive teacher, he also has more personal things that he does like spending time with his family.  On special occasions, he goes with his family to go on Outrigger Canoe Paddling.  In this program or hobby, he and his family ride in canoes that travel through a river.  

Not only is he a brainy teacher, he also has many hobbies and spends a lot of time relaxing with his family.  Some people may know him as a science teacher or a Science Olympiad coach, but he will help students succeed in school and win competitions.  Ethan C. thinks, “Mr. Evola is nice and is a great teacher and he helps everyone with them.”