The Top Five Most Popular Boba Places


What is boba? Boba is a chewy tapioca ball most often put in fruit or tea infused drinks. Boba has a sweet and soft texture and when it’s paired with a cold, refreshing drink it’s the perfect way to add a sprinkle of happiness to your day. If boba sounds appealing to you,  below are some suggestions of the top five most popular boba places that are located in California and other parts of the world.



  • Ten Ren


Ten Ren is a well-known Chinese inspired boba tea place that offers varieties of Chinese teas such as Green tea, Jasmine tea, and Oolong tea. Opened in 1961 by Lee Rie-Ho, Ten Ren has been satisfying customers with their authentic Chinese tea recipes for over 40 years. Some of their most popular drinks include their milk tea, roasted oolong tea, and their milk icees. If you are like many people, an addicted boba lover, then you’ll be eager to check out Ten Ren and their mouthwatering boba teas.



  • Sharetea


Sharetea, a bubble tea shop, was opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992. Today they serve their drinks in 18 countries with over 450 locations. They serve a variation of both iced teas and ice blended drinks. A couple of their most popular drinks are their strawberry ice blended drink with lychee jelly and ice cream, their classic pearl black milk tea, and their kiwi fruit tea with aiyu jelly. Sharetea has a family friendly environment as well as delectable tasting drinks.



  • It’s Boba Time


It’s Boba Time was opened in 2003 with a menu of 40 drinks. Today they offer over 140 menu items and to this day are still creating new drinks. Their smoothies and slushies are made daily with fresh fruits and all of their drinks are fresh and made-to-order. There is an option to customize your drinks by adding different toppings such as fresh fruits and boba. It’s Boba Time offers a variety of different clean-tasting and refreshing drinks that will leave you in awe.



  • Tastea


Opened in the year 2000, Tastea has been satisfying customers with their innovative and delicious drinks ever since. Their drinks are known for tickling your taste buds with their fruity and captivating flavors. Some of their most popular drinks are their Ooh La La Smoothie, a refreshing coconut pineapple smoothie with strawberry bits, their Taro Root Tea, an exotic taro flavored black tea made with their non-dairy creamer, and their Thai Iced Tea, a classic Thai style tea with a non-dairy creamer. Tastea’s flavors will leave you coming back for more.

  • Lollicup

After perfecting their recipes, Lollicup finally opened doors in the year 2000. Having been one of the very first shops to introduce boba milk tea to Southern California, Lollicup has proudly stood the test of time. Lollicup is known for making their iced teas and smoothies with exotic ingredients such as durian, lavender, and kumquat. Their most popular flavors include their traditional almond milk tea, thai iced tea, and their green iced tea. Lollicup sells various drinks, and their boba is high quality and always fresh. You’ll never go back to drinking plain old boba after you try Lollicup.


Now that these five different boba shops have been introduced, be sure to  keep in mind that these five are only some of the many, many boba places out there. Hopefully you enjoyed learning new things about these locations and you will even try these popular places. 7th grader Kraemer Middle School student, Lauren M. says, “If you do, just know that they will definitely leave you coming back for more.