Meteor Showers in 2016


There will be many meteor showers throughout the end of this year and next year. The type of meteors that will rain down this year include include a type called Orionids, another named Leonids, and Geminids. Sadly, these meteor showers will be a little hard to see since the bright moon will be present during all of these meteor showers. The best time to watch the meteor showers is right after midnight. If you can’t watch it then, just watch before the light of the sun makes the meteors unable to be seen. Jeff L. says, “Meteor showers don’t come often they’re devastatingly dangerous.

Orionids will be seen on October 21 and will end a few hours after midnight. Orionids received this title because the type of meteor is seen from the angle called the radiant in the constellation Orion (the hunter). Orionids meteors are visible every October through November, since Earth always passes through the dust and debris left by Halley’s Comet at this time of the year. You don’t necessarily need to look in the direction of Orion to see the meteors, since the meteors will be in all places of the sky, however an Orionids meteor comes from the path of debris that points back to the constellation Orion.

Leonids will fly in the night sky on November 17 at around or after 12 am, when the moon is just past full (the time before the sun comes up, on the 17th). This type of meteor shower only occurs in November because Earth enters the path of the comet, Tempel-Tuttle‘s debris. This meteor shower is named “Leonids” because the radiant is in the the head of the constellation Leo the lion. Also, the planet Jupiter, which is just to the right of the end of Leo’s tail, will be shining brighter than usual.

The Geminids meteors will show its colors on December 13th right when the full moon comes out. Geminids is named after the constellation Gemini. Unlike most other asteroids, Geminids come from the dust and debris of asteroid instead of a comet, and are formed from an asteroid, the 3200 Python. It is prefered to look to the south to see Geminids meteors.

The meteors of the remaining time of 2016 will be great to watch. The best time to watch them is after midnight and try to avoid the light of the moon which will make it hard to see. It is not necessary to use a telescope but it can make the meteors easier to see. Good meteor watching to all!