Archaeological Discoveries that will BLOW YOUR MIND


Even though this planet, Earth, is just a very small world that was created in the making of our solar system, there are so many hidden mysteries about it that we, as intelligent beings called humans, are just unable to explain well. What’s even more mind-boggling is that we humans can’t even explain our own actions that our kind did in the past – human history is shrouded in a thick veil of mystery. But every day, archaeologists are slowly uncovering the picture and fitting together the puzzle pieces that make up the past. Here are some of the most mind blowing discoveries that archaeologists have made to date.


  1. The Gate of the Sun
    1. There is an ancient, metallic, solid stone arch that lies in Western Bolivia that dates back to 14,000 B.C. The Gate of the Sun was found in the 19th century, and many theories have been made about its origins and purpose. Some radical theories believe that this mysterious gate is a portal to another dimension! What do you think is the true meaning behind this peculiar building?
  2. The Venetian Vampire
    1. Vampires and other supernatural beings have been used by modern media and culture in works like the Twilight saga. But vampires have also apparently been the obsession of the folks all the way back from the 16th century. An eerie skull discovered in a Venetian island in a mass grave. It was a female skull, but the thing that sent chills down the archaeologists’ spines was the fact that her jaw split open with a brick inside her mouth that was also hanging out of her mouth. This suggests that she was a suspected of being a vampire, because at the time, forcing open a jaw with a brick was used as an exorcism technique for vampires in Europe at the time. This technique was supported by the belief that vampires were behind the Black Death (the plague) that was occurring at the time.
  3. The Screaming Mummy
    1. Mummies have usually been regarded in a humorous sense because of their silly portrayal in popular movies. But this mummy is sure to make you take a step back in horror once you see it. In 1866, historians found this mummy among the remains of great Egyptian pharoahs. It is the body of a young man, but his expression is what really creeps people out. His face is locked in an eternal, blood-curdling scream. There isn’t even anything that suggests that he was a significant person. He was buried in a plain, undecorated coffin. His terrorizing agony remains a mystery to this day.
  4. The Voynich Manuscript
    1. You may or may not have heard of this mysterious book, but the Voynich Manuscript is well known because of it’s handwritten text that’s writing system is still unknown. The codex has been dated to the early 1400’s. It was purchased in 1912 by a Polish antique book dealer named Wilfrid Voynich, hence the name of the manuscript. As stated before, it is handwritten, but the language used is unknown. The language has been tried to be analyzed countless times by professional code-breakers that were able to break codes used in wars, but so far, no one has any clue what it says. Many theorists believe that this book holds the key to curing all illnesses with herbal remedies and such, but we can only guess.
  5. The Grauballe Man
    1. Archaeologists uncover bodies in bogs all the time, but this one, who was found in Denmark in 1952, really caught their eye after they saw how extremely well-preserved he was. His hair and fingernails were even still intact! It was even possible for scientists to reconstruct his death with the clues they found around his body. They concluded that he was sacrificed in an attempt to get a better harvest. Remarkably, his dead body has an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump. Do you think this is actually a message that is telling us something?
  6. The Sewer of Babies
    1. What a cruel sounding name! Archaeologist Ross Voss was exploring some of the sewers in Ashkelon (which is on the coast of Israel) when he made a gruesome discovery – numerous small bones were piled together in a sewer. He originally took the bones to be chicken bones, but further research actually revealed the bones to be that of human infants from the Roman era! With more investigations, they found that the sewer actually used to be under a Roman bathhouse, which suggests that the human infant bones of those of the babies that the prostitutes bore while working at the bathhouse.

These are just a few examples of awesome archaeological finds that we have found. What other discoveries do you think humanity will make? KMS student Megan M. says, “I think that we humans will eventually make many more important discoveries as technology improves more and more.”