Cat Runs for Mayor in Mexico


In the Mexican city of Xalapa, people are tired of voting for candidates who they know don’t actually care for them and their city. Some citizens of Xalapa have decided to elect a candidate who is a little different, Morris is furry, small and a feline, who has gotten over 100,000 likes on his Facebook page. Morris’s name is not on the official ballot of July 7 election, but his supporters say his growing popularity shows widespread frustration with the corrupt politicians running for mayor in Xalapa.


“Morris has become an expression of how fed up people are with all the parties and a political system that does not represent us,” said Sergio Chamorro, Morris’s owner. Even the head of Veracruz’s electoral institute, which organizes elections in the state, has insisted members of the community not to waste their votes by over flooding their ballots in support for Morris. “It is important to vote for the registered candidates,” Carolina Viveros said. “Please.” Sergio Chamorro has gotten many messages from people designated to run the polling stations on election day saying that the cat’s votes are going to be registered and made public, even they do not officially count.


“In this state, there is no rule of law, there is no respect for human rights, there are no institutions, It’s great that this campaign is showing the fiction in our elections. Every three years politicians laugh at us, it’s good to laugh at them a bit, too.” Mazzotti said. KMS Student Jeremy says that this is,  “The best thing that ever happened in the history of humanity.”


Morris has earned more votes than some of the official candidates for the election. Morris’s campaign isn’t the only one in Mexico with ambitions for office, Morris also inspired other people across Mexico, they have elected other animal candidates in the country’s July elections. These other animals include Tintan the Dog, Chon the Donkey, Tina the Chicken, and Maya the Cat. Morris’s campaign team thanked its supporters online and promised that Morris would not disappear from politics. Morris’s Facebook page, in fact, now is all about animals rights laws in Mexico, so in a way Morris is helping the community by establishing the rights our beloved pets need.