Top Places to Visit in Japan

Have you ever visited Japan? If you haven’t, here are some of the recommendations on the popular restaurants and sightseeing places that are located in the different cities of Japan.

One of the most common places to visit is Tokyo. Typically if you haven’t been to Tokyo, you would probably go to Mt. Fuji, which is a major sightseeing place in Japan. Around Mt. Fuji, there is a trail, Onio-shida-Shien, that not only lets you clearly see Mt. Fuji in the distance, but also offers many different activities during the walk. If you want a closer view of the volcano, there is a bullet train offered back to Tokyo that views Mt. Fuji up close! If you are a climber and are looking for trails to hike directly up Mt. Fuji, you can go up the Yoshida Trail. Another place to visit would be the Ueno Park. Nature lover or not, you will find that this park may include many of your likings, such as the different museums, natural ponds, and amazing restaurants that have certain sashimis, or also known as raw fish, that are native to that area.

If you want to travel to Osaka, a memorable attraction to visit is the Japan Universal Studios, that also includes the Harry Potter Wizarding World. Some people may prefer shopping instead of going to a place with long wait lines for every ride. If so, Shinsaibashi shopping street has 180 shopping stores, would be a place for to go to. Some of the most famous shops are located there! UniQlo, H&M, and Zara are all clustered in the Northern corner of this street. Any type of store ever imaginable just might be there! Everything from Daiso, to a specialized Kit-Kat store,  the very popular cheesecake factory, and even a whole entire Hello Kitty Sanrio store is all located at the Shinsaibashi Shopping Street.

In Kyoto, one of the most popular places to visit is the Kinkaku-ji. Also known as the “Golden Pavilion”, this structure is literally covered in real gold, portraying different types of architecture on each floor of the Golden Pavilion.  Because Kinkaku-ji is located in the, well, Kinkaku-ji park, there are also many other sightseeing places, and small shops included around the park.  In addition to the park, a memorable place to visit is the Fushimi Inari Shrine. There is a belief in Japan that before you enter a shrine, you must cleanse your hands and mouth first before you enter. Upon entering, you will have a choice to go through the Sebon Torii, meaning ‘Thousands of Torii Gates’. According to Skylar T., a seventh grader at Kraemer who has been to the Sebon Torii says, “When you walk under it, it almost feels like you are in a different place, not at all like when you first walked in.” During the walk, you are surrounded with red poles that are there to supposedly protect the shrine from misfortunes and ensure calamity.  

Since Japan is a point of interest, there always local Japanese that are capable of guiding outside visitors to the most popular places in Japan. For example, because you cannot access Mt. Fuji directly from many of the hotels offered in Hapen, taking the JR Tokaido Line through Odawara to Kozu, then transferring onto the JR Gotemba Line to get to some of the climbing sites would be a great option. Overall, Japan is a wonderful destination to spend your holiday season in because of the scenic natural wonders there and the busy metropolitan lifestyle.