Beyoncé’s Lemonade: A Review


Iconic, multitalented star, Beyonce, has created another album, titled Lemonade. It was released as a short film on HBO, with the theme being the phases of love, featuring her music from the new album. Fans were shocked by her assertive behavior and music in the short film, posting their reactions all over social media.  After the film, the album dropped on Tidal, a high quality music streaming service made by Beyonce’s husband and rapper, Jay Z.  As someone who definitely isn’t the biggest fan of Beyonce, but respects her power over music and as a woman, I completely loved the short film and album.


The short film for Lemonade was expertly made, and the concept, in my opinion, was well thought out and executed excellently. This one hour long film managed to touch on many ideas, including American politics today. She talks about the treatment of the black woman in America, police brutality, marital problems, and being a woman in society today. I thought the way she expressed these ideas and themes was incredibly well done, there was a lot of symbolism relating to it. She also brought together other great black women today such as young activist Amandla Stenberg, tennis player Serena Williams, actor Zendaya, child actor Quvenzhane Wallis, and many others. When I first saw the film, I felt the way the it was divided was excellent, and each of the songs were devoted to a certain emotion. Many of these emotions seemed to relate with the theme of cheating. Because of this, many believe that Jay Z had cheated on Beyonce during their relationship. I think the best part of this film however was the fashion and costume design, it included many types such as American 1800’s women’s clothing to today’s modern designers. All in all, I loved every bit of Lemonade’s short film.


The album itself is emotional and relatable, one of Beyonce’s best. She manages to talk about her personal life, and how she and her life are not as perfect as fans make it out to be. The music is diverse in terms of genres. Some songs are exciting and relaxed, raw and emotional, or completely unexpected. Two songs, “Daddy Lessons” and “Don’t Hurt Yourself”, explore two genres Beyonce isn’t known for, country and rock respectively. Other artists on this album include The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and Jack White. My personal favorite tracks are 6 Inch and Sorry, since the lyrics are commanding and confident, Beyonce knows her strength and shows it. When I asked another Kraemer student about Lemonade’s release, Ian B., said “Beyonce truly outdone herself! I loved the film and music. She slayed everyone in the music industry again!” .
Overall, Beyonce’s new album, Lemonade, was exquisitely made and produced, both the short film and album. The themes in her film are shocking and clear to viewers, and the cinematography is flawless. Her album is fierce, and manages to show pure, raw emotion with different genres.