Some of the Most Wonderful, Useless Websites On the Internet


You know those days when you feel like doing absolutely nothing, or you have no idea what to do? Well, there is a solution. There are so many completely useless websites out there (this is the internet, after all) and they are all excellent time-wasters.

  1.  – This is an adorable website, one you could probably stay on for HOURS. You have to see it to believe it.
  2. – This website has gone viral several times. It also has variations, some being of a dolphin, a shark, nemo, and a pufferfish. (my personal favorite is this one)
  3. – This website features a catirdog (caterpillar, bird, dog mix [DON’T WORRY, IT IS A LOT CUTER THAN IT SOUNDS]) that has a sad obsession with a spider (aka your mouse). You can make the caterpillar thing jump with your spider, and it will follow you around wherever you go.
  4. – Imagine: you are zooming through space. Well, it’s no longer your imagination with this website. Direct your mouse to where you want to go and press and click to create cool effects.
  6. – This is literally what it sounds like. It is bacon sizzling.
  7. – WARNING: If you have epilepsy, you probably shouldn’t be on this site. Not joking. If you wiggle the worm too fast, well… It really is staggering beauty.
  8. – All the websites that didn’t make it to this list, you can find here. It directs you to all the amazingly completely useless websites out there.

Based on the size of the internet, I am sure you will be able to find much more wonderfully useless websites out there.