Manga Vs. Anime


Throughout the world, people have watched many shows and movies, and have read many books and novels. However, nothing is as wonderful and imaginative as anime and manga.

Even though manga and anime are great entertainment sources for people of all ages and all races, there is still some disagreement as to which one is better. Manga is a Japanese comic style which is read right to left, and anime is Japanese animation, TV shows and movies usually based on mangas. Most people believe that anime is better because it uses moving pictures, and nowadays, uses computer animation. I however, believe that manga is better than anime. I will admit that anime is better in terms of animation (because it’s television), but I still think that manga is better because 1) I like the feel of the crisp paper on my fingers. 2) I can easily go back and look at a scene that I enjoyed without waiting for the time lag when I watch anime on Netflix. 3) Most animes are based on their manga counterparts, and sometimes they change the story to a worse story. Like in Fullmetal Alchemist. Edward Elric, the main character, dies at the end, but in the original manga, he lives to have a family. See what I mean? A student here at Kramer, Samuel L., also agrees with me on the Fullmetal Alchemist subject when he said, “In Fullmetal Alchemist, I like the manga better than the anime, but for One Piece, I like the anime better.” Based, on Samuel’s opinion, you can see that some people will decide if they like anime or manga better based on just one anime/manga’s story, and I find that annoying. For example, the manga version of Naruto was, in my opinion, a wonderful imaginative masterpiece, with a perfect storyline, but people who have just seen the anime might be annoyed with the anime’s endless filler (episodes that are irrelevant to the main plot). This is the main reason why I like manga better, because it doesn’t have the (most of the time) terribly written filler that most animes have been famous for. So as you can see, manga is better than anime.