Why Dbz and Naruto are the Best Animes


Have you ever heard of anime? Well, I have two animes that I think are the best. First, when I was young, I was introduced to Dragon Ball Z, a famous anime which has been seen by many children. The other anime I have watched is known as Naruto. These animes are some of the greatest, and were the most popular in 2015. In my opinion, I think Naruto and Dragon Ball Z are the best animes ever created, and will be until a another great one is created. First off, there are lots of animes that have too much blood, but have great story and fighting scenes. Some people don’t like bloody animes because they think it makes the anime look bad. Well, both Naruto and Dragon Ball Z have perfect writing, and have a great story behind the anime. Also, Dragon Ball Z’s and Naruto’s main characters inspire kids to not give up. There are other animes that have great stories, such as Attack On Titan, Bleach, Fairy Tail, and One Piece, which are great, but I think that Naruto and Dragon Ball Z are better than these. In addition, these two animes have great music that goes along with the anime, which makes the anime better. Music plays a big roll in animes, which can be change the mood when the main character is in a hard situation or has a problem vs himself.


I personally think that because of the great story behind every character, and how they make the people who watch anime feel a certain feel, these two are the greatest. Naruto has some moments where they make anime watchers actually cry because the creators make the scene like if it was in real life, or when there is a death with a music that fits in what going on in the story. As I said before, music does play a role in the animes. Now for DBZ, the creator has done a great job in making the people who watch anime feel certain emotions in some parts. Also, the creator has to place a death to make the story great, and make the anime be watched even more by people. Finally, I think because of these two creators’ experience making animes, that makes these two animes the best two ever created. Bradley C.  said, “ I think these two are the greatest animes I seen, and I do agree they can be the two greatest animes ever created”.