Climate change will worsen Global Hunger


Because of Global Warming, by the year 2080, as many as one hundred seventy-five million people will face the risk of Global Hunger. This is all due to high concentrations of greenhouse gasses and our rapidly growing population. Water and nutrients would be extremely hard to find in already generally poor areas such as certain parts of Africa. Prices for food would rapidly increase because there would be a higher demand. This would overall cause the economy to struggle.  Their is no doubt that Climate Change would definitely negatively affect the accessibility and availability of certain foods. People all over the world would have absolutely no choice but to starve since no resources would be available. Individuals receiving lower income would face a huge problem making ends meet and putting food on their family’s table. Add all of this to our already countless problems and there is no chance for humanity. Due to limited supplies, eventually our population will be cut in half, and people would have trouble raising a family. Crops would no longer survive in such extreme environments. There are actually many solutions to this problem that people can use to solve this. For one, scientists can genetically modify crops or plants in order to produce more food, or give the plant capabilities to stay alive through extreme climates. Already, technology makes it capable to change nucleic acids so that they have different properties. If temperatures get very low, we can change something in the plant so that it develops a sort of antifreeze like other plants have. If temperatures get extremely hot, we can give the plant genes that prevent it from drying out, or getting scorched in the hot environment. Another option is that individuals simply prevent this from happening.  A way people can do this is by doing everything they can by not burning wood as much, or using eco-friendly cars or vehicles.  We can also use alternative energy sources so that we don’t burn energy from fossil fuels or other things harmful to the environment. All in all, there are countless possibilities, and all we need to do is work together in order to make our future easier by planning ahead and being aware of extreme climate changes that will eventually occur.  These are just a few of the numerous possibilities of making things better for us. If we want to continue living the way we have, the only solution is to deal with the problem. Every person is responsible if they want to stay alive. Therefore, in conclusion, it is very important to get into the action and work hard for this cause.