How to Relieve Stress


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Woman with eyes closed sitting in meadow.

Especially as big tests are coming around, most people are stressing, which isn’t healthy for their mental health. Unless they can relieve it or get it out a certain way, it can consume every part of a person’s mind. To avoid these unhealthy thoughts from stress, here are some tips.


  1. Many school related stress comes from procrastination, so it is best to avoid it. While this can be easily applicable to some people, it might not be so easy for others. For a long term sort of project, it is best to create a plan ahead of time. Assigning certain tasks to a certain day will help to get everything done.


  1. It might help to take a bath. While many think it is silly, it does help with stress, blood circulation, and overall health. Many people online now have an obsession with the concept of “bath bombs”. Bath bombs are usually small objects where when put it in a tub, it releases certain scents and colors. Many people state it is soothing to watch it fizz around the tub, and watch its colorful foam.


  1. Emotions can be really important in stress, and to let them out can be hard. One way is to artistically let it out, in any medium. Some ways are to use paint, watercolor, sculpt, write a song, write poetry, or just simply draw it out on paper. Some artists keep an “art journal”, a journal where emotions or daily activities are expressed, using only art. “While I personally do not own an art journal, I see a lot of artists on Instagram draw in art journals, and they say it helps them,” states Kylie A., KMS student.
  1. While this might be a little risky, telling a friend might be effective. While telling someone about personal emotions or feelings might be a terrible idea with bad friends, if there is a true friend, it should help. They might even have some good advice for a difficult situation. Even if some people in certain circles are dangerous, it is still nice to have a shoulder to cry on. If you do not think there is anyone you can trust, there are various websites such as, that offer free, anonymous, and confidential chats with with trained listeners, therapists & counselors.


  1. Knowing how to accept failure and move on is a skill everyone isn’t too good at. But learning this skill helps to learn from past mistakes and look forward to the future, without looking back at the past. Some ways to reinforce this is to not think of regrets from past events, or to know that some things happen, and they cannot be controlled. One word of warning however, is that even if somethings cannot be controlled, that doesn’t mean to give up all hope and motivation for a goal.


  1. A lot of stress could come from lack of sleep, especially if all the time awake is spent on worrying. So try to sleep a little bit earlier, and avoid late nighters for school projects or for extracurriculars. Not only does it help mentally, the body will give thanks for the extra rest.


While there are plenty of other ways to reduce stress, these are some that are recommended from everyday people for everyday people. Also, not all of these are bound to work, since everyone is different, so do not feel weird or excluded if these do not work. Also, feel free to find more on the Internet or from friends.