The Dangers of Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes



Have you ever heard of vaping or e-cigs? They were made to help people quit smoking tobacco, but they prove to be just as dangerous as conventional cigarettes. “Vaping” is when you inhale water vapor (usually flavored) through a vape-pen, or an electronic cigarette. “E-cigs” (electronic cigarettes) are just what they sound like – they are cigarettes that contain nicotine and other substances that are vaporized and inhaled to “vape”. If you thought that e-cigs were healthy, then think again. They still contain the dangerous substance nicotine, which is highly addictive and slightly poisonous. Unfortunately, there are even more setbacks to this new toy.

Some experts consider e-cigs to be a new “gateway drug” that leads perfectly healthy kids and any other non-smoking people to start bad habits and mess themselves up with tobacco. E-cigs could undo the many years of progress that people have put into anti-smoking. And, just remember this: nicotine use can affect brain development in kids and teens. This basically means that if you smoke or use some other form of nicotine, you probably won’t be able think correctly. Also, nicotine can cause you to have mood swings. Very bad mood swings. So if you don’t want to act like a pregnant lady, then don’t smoke; conventionally or vaping. Kraemer Middle School student Ian O. thinks, “Wow… people are stupid if they think that the nicotine won’t harm them.” There ya have it, guys. E-cigs also have many, many ingredients that will be sure to disgust you when you hear them. Here are some: stearic acid (also used in candle wax), ammonia (toilet cleaner), and methane (sewer gas). So basically, you are vaping candle wax, toilet cleaner, sewer gas, and other revolting substances.
While e-cigs are healthier and safer than normal cigarettes, keep in mind that since e-cigs are relatively new to the medical field and entire world. We don’t know the exact effects of long-term use of these vapes. So if you would like to take the risk ruining your body and life, then go right ahead and use e-cigs. Nobody will stop you. Just know that if you don’t already smoke, then don’t start using e-cigs, as there are no benefits and only risks when you vape. Make good choices, everyone!