The Modernized Medical Engineering with 3D Printers


In just the past decade, the inventions of 3D printers have started to open doors to a modernized method and tool for pioneers of the medical engineering field. The invention of the 3D printer is starting to be used in a more efficient way. Not only is the discovery of the 3D printer’s greater capabilities a huge accomplishment, but it is also saving lives of hopeless medical cases. Although the 21st century is only the beginning, scientists and doctors have been collaborating to create new possibilities for patients worldwide. A 3D printer is a printer that prints 3D objects with a material instead of ink. The printer comes in many sizes and colors but unfortunately, the printing process is very slow.

Instead of using ink for the printer, a “startup called organovo is used to print human cells to create liver tissues for studies that could fine-tune clinical drug trials,” according to CNN news: Breaking Ground. The overall goal is to create a full functioning organ that can work like any other. By using a patient’s own cells, there is a higher chance that the body will be able to accept an organ during a transplant. Hospitals, labs, and universities nationwide such as Harvard still study and try to upgrade the technology of 3D printers.

Although the thought of a real functionable organ seemed like decades away, just recently, news of a heart transplant with the use of a 3D printer was reported and on headlines. A 4-year old girl needed a new heart and Dr. Redmond Burke, a director of the pediatric cardiovascular surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, took the challenge to save Mia Gonzales. The impossible became possible when Mia Gonzales woke up from her heart transplant alive and perfectly healthy. Some people call Mia a living miracle. Kraemer student Alyson T. said, “I really think it’s an inspiring story and it should motivate people everywhere to improve 3D printing.” The unbelievable is starting to become believable, and the future that mankind never would have imagined is now just around the corner.