Artist in Kabul Healing City at War



Having been at war for about 40 years, Kabul is ready to make a change in the struggling city. One of the reasons Kabul is struggling so much is because there are walls separating the city. Kabul made these walls to protect the people who are wealthy or powerful from bombs and bullets. Many people take this as a message that the wealthy are more important than the people in poverty because the country doesn’t protect the people who are in poverty. Kabul is also one of the ugliest cities in the world after almost forty years at war. The people in Kabul are ready to make a difference to make the city they live in a better place.

Returning to Kabul after spending four years in Australia, artist Kabir Mokamel, has decided to make a difference by painting inspiring street art on the walls separating the city. He and his group of followers started a series of paintings on the wall to raise awareness to show people how corrupted Afghanistan is. He also made the paintings to make Afghanistan look more beautiful because after almost forty years at war, the city looks very ugly, especially with the wall in the middle of the city. Before the war, Kabul was almost like America because it was so beautiful and filled with rose bushes and Kabir Mokamel wants to return it to its former glory. The paintings are also for people to get motivated to make a difference and get rid of all of the corruption.

He has made many different pieces of graffiti, and is in the process of making many more. His first piece of graffiti was a painting of a regular woman’s eyes. He has made a first bundle of paintings, and the paintings were a huge success. The people understood the meanings of the paintings immediately and were very excited by the fact that somebody is actually doing something about the corruption. The eyes were supposed to show how much corruption there is in Afghanistan, and say to the people who cause the corruption that they’re being watched and acknowledged by the people in Afghanistan.

He is in the process of making many more paintings, and one of them is a painting that has many different hearts. One heart in particular is covered by a bandaid to show Afghanistan, as a country, starting to heal. Many people are getting involved in the paintings and contributing by either painting, or making donations to the cause. Student Audrey said,”It’s inspiring that one man in Kabul can make such a difference to a struggling country.”Kabir Mokamel is a very inspiring person, and will hopefully make an even bigger difference in Afghanistan.



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