350 Year Old Noblewoman found in France


Archeologists in France have recently unearthed a 350-Year-Old woman from the 17th century, and she is preserved quite well. The woman was found to still be in her clothes, meaning that they have not been decomposed in the past 350 years she has been buried.

Kraemer student Ryan W. says, “I feel like that’s an amazing find, considering where we live with all the wars and stuff.”

Inscriptions identified the corpse as belonging to Louise de Quengo, the Lady of Brefeillac who died in the year 1656, meaning she died 359 years ago. A normal corpse and clothing would have deteriorated, but the conditions kept them there. She was found wearing a cape, serge wool dress, a plain shirt, and leather mules with cork soles. Her face was covered with a hood, two bonnets and a shroud.

The lead coffin was opened on March 2014. It was one of five found among 800. Next to the body was a lead reliquary containing the heart of her husband, Toussaint de Perrien, who was found nearby.

When scientists opened the coffin they had to work quickly to preserve before the body decayed. Since the body was preserved under a strange and unique set of circumstances, since the body wasn’t embalmed, deterioration would begin very soon. The scientists only had a couple of days to study the body. It was concluded from tests that she died from an infection. Once scientist finish all of their testing on the body, she will be reburied in the ground, back in her lead coffin.