Student Spotlight: Bryanna M.


KMS student Leily G. said, “She is very kind, funny and a cool friend.” Who are they talking about, you might ask. They are talking about Bryanna M. Bryanna is a 7th grader that attends Kraemer Middle School. Bryanna has 2 siblings and was born in Garden Grove, on June 22.

When asked how she liked KMS Bryanna answered, “I really like it.” One of her two electives and her favorite class is Orchestra, and she likes it because it is fun. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Kane because he is really nice. Also, she likes going to P.R.I.D.E. with Ms. Brencius and on her free time she likes to watch tv.

Time to list some of her favorites. Bryanna’s favorite artist is Nick Jonas and her favorite song is “Chains” by Nick Jonas. She likes the new movie Tomorrowland. Bri’s favorite snack is granola bars and her favorite drink is Coca Cola. Her favorite color is purple.

Remember next time you see Bryanna make sure to say hi.