Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival


Have you ever just sat outside and listened to your favorite music playlist while enjoying the scenery? Coachella has you covered. Maybe you don’t like sitting outside, and would rather have a crazy dance party with your friends? Coachella still has your back. Now you might be wondering, what exactly is “Coachella”? Well, every year the Coachella Valley hosts a music and arts festival for people to enjoy and remember. It was founded by a man named Paul Tollett in 1999 and has been going ever since. In addition to the many genres of music that are performed, attendees can view various sculptures made by different artists, since it is an art festival as well. Tickets for one weekend at the festival range from $375 for one general admission pass, to $899 for one VIP ticket.

The 2nd weekend of the 2015 festival ended on April 19, concluding all performances until the next year. However, many celebrities attended as guests and even more performed. Bad Suns, Azealia Banks, Clean Bandit, Drake, and Marina and the Diamonds were among the performances of 2015. In the attendee category, people such as Justin Bieber, Bella Thorne, and Kylie Jenner are listed. Eighth grader Hana R. says,”I think Coachella is super fun and crazy. I really want to go soon.” So, are you ready to attend?