The New Emojis of Apple


Apple’s new emojis are here! They’re more diverse than ever before with race, ethnicity, and other things. It was released on Thursday, April 9, in a software update. It includes a redesign of the emoji keyboard and it has a total of 300 new emojis. The reaction was a lot of cheering.

Kraemer student Blase M. says,”I think the new emojis are organized, but the amount of emojis they made is crazy.”
The new emojis added include a variety of new skin tones from the classic yellow skinned faces to the new white to black. This includes a variety of new faces -such as a young woman or an old guy-, pairings of couples -like a couple with a boy or a gay couple with two kids-, and hand gestures -such as a thumbs up or a peace sign.

To select one of these emojis in a different skin color, basically hold down the emoji with your finger and select the desired skin tone when the menu pops up.

There’s not much more to say about the new emojis except that they are becoming very popular. The new emojis are letting people express themselves more in this brand new way. What do Kraemer students think of them? Answer: AMAZING!