The Great Kraemer Boat Races


Mr. Lee has created a challenge for his 7th grade pre-algebra classes, to build cardboard boats out of cardboard and duct tape. The teams raced during PRIDE on Tuesday through  Friday of last week at the Valencia pool.

Kraemer student, Ryan C., says,”They’re pretty cool. A lot of boats made it across without flaws. I sunk terribly.”

The project was based off of a project that Mr. Evola gave to his 8th graders, but Mr. Lee made it into a project about the class’ last unit, volume. The projects began on February 27 and ended the day the boat races started, which was Tuesday, March 24.

Many boats raced and succeeded, while some, unfortunately, did not make it. Some examples of the very successful and good looking ones included Rachel C.’s team which was very colorful, was dubbed “The Argo III,” and Nick L.’s team with the “Silver Sailor” which looked very realistic.

A few parents came to watch their children row across the vast Valencia pool, and a few people even video taped or photographed some of the groups. To see videos or pictures, ask your fellow KMS friends who attended the races. Many students attended each day to watch their friends go, or just to watch the boats go.

The boat races were a success for the project, and every group that made it halfway or farther got a good grade on it.