Kraemer Goes to CASL



We all know the students that work in our ASB program at Kraemer. For those who do not know, ASB stands for Associative Student Body, and it is an elective class  for eighth graders. It is almost the equivalent to the seventh grade, Peer Leadership program. The ASB members are the people that set up our dances, fun activities, and get performers to come to the school. In fact, the reason our school has so many opportunities and activities is mainly due to ASB! To give the leaders a little vacation from school, and to keep encouraging their leadership skills, the students will be able to be flown to upper SoCal for a convention for all ASB programs in California.

This week, the ASB members will be going on a trip to San Jose to attend CASL, or the California Association of Student Leaders. The students will stay in San Jose for around three days, and attend the convention.

This year, Kraemer is accepting an award for their ASB program. Officer Genesis M. will be accepting the award, since she will be the only officer attending. Of course, there are more Kraemer students attending. However, not all ASB students will be attending the event. Eighth grader Hannah C. says, “It sounds fun, but I don’t think there’s that much actual learning happening”. The students left for San Jose on Wednesday night, and will return before Monday. When the members return, make sure to congratulate them on their victory and thank them for all their hard work to make our school a better place!