Lakers Without Kobe


How could the Lakers possibly improve as a team without Kobe? The season’s stats show that the Lakers have been a more successful  team when Kobe isn’t on the floor, winning about 5 out of every ten games instead of only 3. Kobe has the worst shooting percentage in the league because of how he had to leave after the injury. Other players such as Jordan Hill and Jordan Clarkson have really stepped up and have been able to close out a good amount of games for the Lakers. The Lakers without Kobe have had less turnovers and shared the ball more. On average, the Lakers get about an extra 14 shots per game according to Christian L., a Kraemer student says, “Although Kobe is a great player he still has gotten more of a so called ‘ballhog’ these recent seasons.” Why does this matter? Because teams get limited numbers of shots and possessions, the only way to win the game is to score on almost every one of your team’s possessions. They will have around the same number of possessions as you. If you end up with a lot of scoreless possessions, you must have amazingly good defense otherwise you’ll lose. The Lakers aren’t even close to having the best defense in the league, therefore they can’t depend too much on defense. Overall, the Lakers have been improving, and although it’s obvious there’s no chance for the to win the championship, they may be able to make it far in the playoffs next year if they get a good first round draft pick.