ISIS Releases Christian Hostages, Why?


From burning a man alive in a cage to cutting the heads of dozens of innocent people. Kidnapping, raping, and selling women and children – ISIS shocks the world with its maltreatment of its captives has becoming regrettably predictable, but releasing hostages? ISIS recently released 19 Assyrian Christian prisoners on March 1st, and 10 more will be joining them soon.

Kraemer student Ryan W. says,”I think ISIS did good and that they are working to what they think is their purpose.”

Apparently, this was not the work of a militant commander, but the work of an ISIS Sharia judge. The judge asked the Christians if they were part of any militia.Then he pronounced them not guilty of violating Sharia law and had them released out of ISIS custody.

Although they were nice enough to release a bunch of Christians, many believe this seems a bit suspicious. ISIS has taken heat even from other Muslims who accuse it of injustice, especially against civilians who are Muslim, who they’ve condemned as “infidels” out of line.

The main problem is drawing anger from other Islamist groups revolves around Muslim citizens, who are the most common victims ISIS, and they released captives that are Christians. This is because ISIS has a very strict definition of what a real Muslim is and who is an apostle. Because of this, ISIS has executed about 125 of its members.

ISIS continues to surprise the world with its cruel violence and horror. Many still continue to wonder why they decide to release Christians and not Muslims. Nevertheless, ISIS continues to terrorize the world to this day.