The iCar: Rumor or Real?


So people are saying that the newest Apple product to come out would be a smart car. Rumor or real? What can Apple possibly be up to with a car?

A quote from a student at Kraemer Middle, Isaac W, said about the iCar, “I haven’t really heard of it but I can tell that it’s pretty sick.”


Speaking of rumor, Apple will be inventing an electric car to try to show up Tesla. Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald said “In our view, as more things become computers, we believe Apple is very well positioned [to develop] hardware and software innovations together across a vast digital ecosystem,” commenting on the prospects for an Apple car. Erik Gordon, a professor at University of Michigan, told, “Apple has had trouble with the contract manufacturing of its phones. How is it going to get cars manufactured? Will its software for connected and autonomous vehicles give us cars that drive into each other until Apple sends out a patch fixing the bugs?”


The code name for the Apple iCar is “Project Titan.” On February 4, a mysterious Apple Car was spotted roaming Bay Area streets. Another mysterious Apple Van was captured on video in Palo Alto residential neighborhood on February 15. On the day of February 19, Apple aimed to begin electric car production by around 2020.


So, with all this information, do you think the Apple iCar is just another myth that people are spreading rumors on? Or can they create one of the first vehicle designed by the one and only Apple?