Cryotherapy: Frozen to Fit


If you could, would you sit in colder temperatures than Antarctica to get fit, in your underwear?! A type of fitness technique is becoming the new craze to get fit! Cryotherapy was created in 1978 by Toshima Yamauchi in Japan. It helps gets people fit by freezing them in chambers at very low temperatures. Those brave enough to try this experience will endure a low whopping -200 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s about -130 degrees Celsius.

Kraemer student, Ryan W., said, “I think this is great and that it sounds good enough to try it.”

Cryotherapy is like cold cure, but for some the immense cold goes beyond chilling. For some people though it is more of a chill with a thrill. Since this method undergoes under -130 degrees Celsius this makes Antarctica, at -92 degrees Celsius according to NASA in December of 2013, warmer than cryotherapy.

Many people use this as a fitness technique, but it also has some benefits like faster recovery rates and promoting deep sleep. Athletes, mainly golfers and soccer players, use this method commonly. Some celebrities also use cryotherapy too.

Over the years, some people even use this as a business. For example: a business in New York City, called the Kryolife Center, offers people there either a blast in its “cryosauna” or a local treatment -used sometimes for beauty- where vaporized liquid nitrogen is blown on top of a specific part of the body. It has even compacted to go mobile for easy use on the go.

Cryotherapy is the new craze of fitness that freezes the body to help people in numerous ways.