Shadows Coming to Kraemer

Kraemer’s Shadow Day is back! Gate 6th graders from across the district are signing up to take part in this annual event. If you are unaware of what “Shadow Day” is, it’s a day when 7th grade Kraemer students are paired with 6th graders so that the 6th graders can see what Kraemer is all about.

Shadow Day takes place in three days of the February. One took part on the 5th and the 12th, and another will take part on the 18th.

On the 5th of February 6th graders from Golden came for Shadow Day. On the 12th, there were 6th graders from Woodsboro, and on the 18th, 6th graders will come from Tynes and all non magnet schools. ASB has set up fun activities at lunch, and many teachers are excited to meet and greet the 6th graders.

Here’s what a couple shadow participants said about Shadow Day:

Kraemer student, Morgan G., said,”I think Shadow Day is a great idea to show 6th graders what Kraemer is all about.”

Another Kraemer student,Caitlyn H., said,”I also think Shadow is great! It shows them how great Kraemer is and how we do a Kraemer.”

If you have or had a shadow during one of the Shadow Days, you know how fun it is to show the future 7th graders what Kraemer is all about. If you haven’t got a shadow yet and are going to get a shadow very soon, you are in for major fun.