Severe Blizzard Hits Northeast


It’s a storm people say is historic, severe, dangerous. A severe blizzard hit the northeastern U.S. on the last week of January, causing over 6,000 airplane flights to be cancelled and people trapped in their homes. This is the first severe blizzard in the U.S. this year and here’s what to know about the Blizzard of 2015.

Kraemer student, Andee C., says,” I hope the blizzard isn’t too bad, and I hope nobody got hurt!”

In New York, officials shut down public transportation and put a ban on roads in 13 counties. The NYC schools were closed during the storm, and the NY National Guard put 260 soldiers and airmen on duty.

Up in Connecticut, the governor put a ban on travel, and declared the storm “a state emergency.” All state colleges were closed on Tuesday and about as many as 120,000 homes were likely to be without power for several days.

With the blizzard in Massachusetts, the heaviest snow fell early Tuesday evening. During that time, winds gusted up to about 50-mph. Officials there also issued a travel ban. The governor called the situation “a top-five storm” and initiated 500 National Guard troops. Boston public schools were closed on Tuesday, and power was out to many.

As the severe storm hits Pennsylvania, Philadelphia schools closed, and the state Department of Transportation urged people to delay traveling. While the cold freezes New Jersey, the governor declared the storm a state emergency and has 3,700 trucks to salt the roads and highways. The state also issued a travel ban.

Going into New Hampshire, it was declared a state emergency, and non-essential government offices were closed. The southern part of the state reached about 16 inches of snow on Tuesday night. While in Rhode Island, a state emergency was declared as well, and non-essential government offices closed as well. The state emergency operations center was activated and a forecast shows snow coming up to about 15 to 25 inches.

As the snow continues to freeze New England, many people are still freezing out in the northeast without power and transportation.

Source: CNN News