Fracture Fairytales


Twisted fairy tale plots, the best idea for a Speech and Drama class. One speech and drama teacher is letting students in her class pick a fairytale and make a plot twist appear and change up the story, calling it fractured fairytales.


Ms. Smith, the teacher who teaches the speech and drama classes 1st, 2nd, and 7th period. On Wednesday, January 7th, 2015, she announced the exciting news about the “fractured fairytales” to the students in her room 706. Ms. Smith teaches the students some theatre, skits, drama, and speeches. Since the class has done a lot of speeches recently, she decided to let her students have more fun and loosen up with creativity and not write anymore. Some people are doing creative ideas like making the stories have a reverse in the characters (ex: having Cinderella be like her evil step mother, visa-versa).


My partner Alec C. and I are creating a story called “Why the Evil Queen Did What She Did,” based on the story “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The plot is that Snow White touches the Evil Queen’s magic mirror and becomes the Evil Queen and the Evil Queen becomes Snow White, but the Evil Queen doesn’t know it. Snow white (in the appearance of the Evil Queen) tries to get back into her own body by giving the Evil Queen (now in the appearance of Snow White) a poison apple or anything to rid the Evil Queen’s soul and retrieve her body. Sadly, Snow White can’t get back into her body and is stuck the rest of her life as the Evil Queen. Alec C. said, “I really like our idea. Okay. I’m done. Can I go back to break now?”
Have you ever heard of the series Once Upon A Time? If so, then you probably know the whole storyline about how every single storybook character is in our world due to a wicked curse the evil queen put on them. Now that is a pretty awesome “fractured fairy tale,” if I do say so myself.